Pensacola, FL (January 6, 2019) - Police in Pensacola arrested a man after he attempted to rob a woman and fired a gun in the downtown area on of Pensacola on Friday, January 4th.

The Pensacola Police Department identified the suspect at 29-year-old Kyle Jay Terry.  Terry is accused of the attempted robbery in a downtown parking garage.  There, he grabbed the victim's keys and started running down South Palafox Street.  As he was running away, he fired a gunshot.

Officers were able to apprehend Terry and take him into custody.  He is charged with battery, possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, robbery, aggravated assault and larceny and is being held at the Escambia County Jail on a $391,000 bond.



Pensacola Violent Crimes Laws

Violent crimes in Florida are an intentional act that is designed to inflict or attempt to inflict physical harm against another person.  Robbery, aggravated assault, and battery are examples of violent Pensacola, FL - Man Arrested for Battery, Firing Gun in Downtown Pensacolacrimes.  Many violent crimes in Florida are also felonies which also carry lengthy prison sentences ranging from five years up to life.

If you are facing a violent crimes charge in Pensacola or surrounding areas you must secure the best possible legal representation.  In some violent crimes cases, you could have applicable defenses such as self-defense that could reduce or eliminate the possibility of a criminal conviction.

At Musca Law, our Florida criminal defense attorneys understand how violent crimes cases often turn on very specific facts.  We are trained and experienced to look for these facts and use them to your benefit both in negotiations with the prosecutor and, if necessary, at a trial.

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