Pensacola, FL (June 14, 2019) – Police reported that a woman from Pensacola was arrested on domestic violence and aggravated battery charges after ripping a neck brace off of her boyfriend. The man had just gone through neck surgery when she ripped off the brace, choking him and sending him back to the hospital.

50-year-old Rebecka Johnson was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated assault this past week.

Johnson’s boyfriend called the police and claimed that he had been attacked in the home that the two shared at 100 West Scott Street. Deputies arrived, where they found the man trembling. He told deputies that he was in severe pain, who called an ambulance for him.

Upon closer inspection, deputies found that Johnson had asked her boyfriend for drug money, to which he refused. He told police that she was intoxicated at the time. Johnson then punched him in the face and ripped off his neck brace while she was holding a knife. Johnson then scratched his neck and tried to remove the brace by stretching his shirt out. Once she had the brace off, she choked him until he was unable to breathe. She was also threatening to cut him throughout this ordeal.

The boyfriend told deputies that he was severely concerned about the condition of his neck due to the incident and how he was feeling. A warrant was written for Johnson’s arrest and the arrest has since been made.

Pensacola Domestic Violence Laws 

Pensacola, FL – Woman Ripped Neck Brace Off Boyfriend and Choked HimDomestic violence encompasses a wide variety of crimes in Florida, which is why, if you have been charged with one, it is imperative to understand what crime you are actually facing. All domestic violence crimes are serious and should be taken as such. They can easily lead to severe consequences such as community service, prison time, fines, anger management classes, and more. From an impact on your parenting to social life, as well as your career and many other related aspects, you might be feeling frightened and confused to see where your case will lead. Our Florida domestic violence crime attorneys are here to help when you have been charged with a violent crime in Pensacola.

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