Port Charlotte, FL (March 15, 2019) – 44-year-old Thomas Pusey was accused of stealing a trailer worth thousands of dollars and now faces burglary and grand theft charges, among others.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office discovered that Pusey had stolen the trailer on Thursday and an anonymous tip led them in his direction. The trailer was found at his home on Poindexter Avenue, along with the construction equipment it was carrying at the time it had been stolen. Police said that it was all valued at $6,000.

Pusey said that the stolen trailer was given to him and that he brought home other trailers in the past that he would sell for others online. Other people inside the home said that this was true.

When investigators came back with a warrant, they found other stolen property, as well as methamphetamines, on the premises. Now, Pusey has been arrested for burglary, grand theft, tampering with evidence, and a variety of drug charges.

Port Charlotte Grand Theft Laws 

Port Charlotte, FL – Man Arrested After Stealing Trailer Worth ThousandsIf you have been charged with a grand theft crime or a Florida crime involving burglary, you could be facing serious penalties. Because these types of theft crimes involve items that are worth a large amount of money, they could be charged as a felony, which means that you could be facing some of the most severe consequences from jail time to large fines and more. You might find that you are now disqualified from rights than you once enjoyed, which means that you might need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

Our experienced attorneys in the Port Charlotte area are here to help you through the midst of your case. If necessary, we will take these matters all the way to trial to attempt to defend you and achieve the appropriate case results on your behalf. Facing serious theft charges can sometimes make it difficult to obtain certain employment opportunities and could leave a lasting social impression on you as well. Let us stand by your side every step of the way, contact us for more information at (888) 484-5057.