ProstitutionBeing convicted of a prostitution charge can be astonishingly life-ruining and harmful to your personal life. Due to this, it is best to be informed about what prostitution charges actually are and what the legal consequences are for being convicted of such crimes.

What Is Considered a Prostitution Charge in the State of Florida

While prostitution is generally considered to be the exchange of money for sexual activities, there are a variety of Florida laws that can be considered prostitution laws. These types of prostitution charges include:
  • Prostituting or intending to prostitute a minor
  • Coercing an individual to become a prostitute
  • Being financial dependent of prostitution
  • Leasing or renting space that is intended to be used for prostitution
  • Owning a space used for prostitution
  • Petitioning a prostitute
  • Providing transport to someone to an area in which prostitution occurs
Any of these aforementioned laws could constitute being charged with a crime related to prostitution.

What Can Happen If Convicted of a Prostitution Related Crime in Florida?

Depending on the severity of nature of an individual's violation, being convicted of a prostitution-related crime can have severe and long-lasting consequences. In the state of Florida, sentences for prostitution-related crimes vary anywhere from 60 days in jail to 15 years in prison. Penalties for prostitution can also include financial penalties and the revocation of driving privileges.

What Should You Do If You Are Charged with a Prostitution Related Crime

The best course of action when charged with this type of crime is to immediately consult a Florida prostitution defense attorney from Musca Law. If you are in the Naples or Fort Myers area, the lawyers at Musca Law have an enormous amount of experience in dealing with these types of crimes and can work to help you receive the most favorable legal situation possible. If you would like to contact Musca Law about your prostitution charge or any other criminal charge, we will provide you with a free evaluation. Do not put your future in danger due to a prostitution charge!

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