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If you’ve been charged with a crime, your future could be at stake. You may be facing the possibility of steep fines, jail time, and more. Additionally, your reputation could be severely damaged by the charges and ensuing investigations. Both personal and business relationships are often strained in these circumstances as well. To protect yourself from these consequences, it’s imperative that you get an experienced lawyer on your side. At Musca Law, our Fort Myers criminal defense attorneys share over a century and a half of experience. The tremendous amount of knowledge and resources that our firm provides to our clients is invaluable in defending yourself from criminal charges. Our attorneys have been recognized by many prestigious lawyer-rating organizations and we have been featured on NBC News and FOX News.

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Musca Law has the resources necessary to handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases, whether large or small. We take each case on an individual basis, and don’t treat our clients like numbers. Our firm capably handles the following, and more: Let our firm put our award-winning attorneys to work for you. We are passionate about helping our clients pursue a positive outcome and fighting for their futures.


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When faced with criminal charges, lose no time in retaining legal help. Musca Law can provide skilled legal guidance and representation throughout all steps of your case. We will work relentlessly to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf with a case that is tailor-fit to your needs.

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