SARASOTA, FL (SARASOTA COUNTY) - An arrest report on states that Sarasota Sheriff's Detectives placed a 33-year-old under arrest and charged the suspect with raping a 17-year-old high school student.  The Sarasota Sheriff's Detectives also believe there might be more sex assault victims.

According to the suspect's arrest report, the suspect picked up the victim from a party and was supposed to take the victim to her home.  However, it is reported that prior to letting the girl out of his car, he allegedly sexually battered the girl. 

The victim's 15-year old classmate heard about what happened to the victim, and then she told an adult at their school.  According to the classmate, she did not know what to do or what to say.  She stated the victim was not sure what to do or if she wanted to come out with the sexual assault.  The classmate and her brother had talked about some "questionable conversations" that they had with the suspect in the past.  The classmate, an underage girl, stated that the suspect sent her a "troubling text" following a workout.  She stated that following the workout, the suspect text her, "your butt looked so nice in those leggings" and "I couldn't stop staring."

A Sarasota County Sheriff's stated spokeswoman, Kaitlyn Perez, stated that detectives are concerned there are more victims.  According to Ms. Perez, the investigation into the suspect is only the beginning.  She is asking the public to come forward with any other information about the suspect.  Other parents have come forward explaining that the suspect has attempted to spend time with their underaged daughters.  They fear the suspect was grooming their children.