The tactics of a Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputy, who was responsible for making 100 drunk driving arrests in the year 2011, have come into question. According to a news report in The Herald Tribune, the aggressive way in which the deputy has treated drivers during traffic stops has drawn considerable criticism from his supervisors, defense attorneys, and judges. The evidence that the deputy in question has gathered has even been thrown out in a number of cases. It has been proven that he arrested a number of drivers whose alcohol level was below the legal limit and that he performed vehicle searches without probable cause. Officials have since removed him from the driving under the influence (DUI) unit.

This situation points to the importance of securing a skilled DUI defense attorney after an arrest. Drivers have rights, and when those rights are violated, the charges should be dismissed. Did the drunk driving arrest result from an unjustified vehicle search? Was the driver actually impaired? Was there just cause for the traffic stop in the first place? Was the driver informed of his or her rights during the arrest prior to being asked any incriminating questions?

In cases where drivers have been wrongfully arrested or charged, it is important to fight back with the help of an experienced attorney. It may be possible to have the penalties reduced or to have the case dismissed completely. The reputed Sarasota County DUI defense attorneys at Musca Law know how to fight drunk driving charges. We offer free consultations at (888) 484-5057 to anyone who has been arrested for driving under the influence.