According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Rodney Smith, assistant director for operations and student transportation at a Volusia County School, was arrested and reassigned after propositioning an undercover police officer. Smith is 41-years-old and was arrested last Saturday afternoon after being charged with offering to solicit sex from an undercover officer at the school. After his arrest, local police removed 3 legally owned firearms from his vehicle for "safe keeping".

Full Cooperations From The School

The school in question is being completely cooperative with law enforcement officers throughout the investigation into Mr. Smith's actions. They perform background screenings on all prospective employees (drug testing and fingerprinting, to be specific), and says he has not had any previous discipline for any behavioral problems.

"Mr. Smith has no previous disciplinary history. We are working very closely with law enforcement and are cooperating fully." - Robert Edgcomb, community information services employee.