St. Augustine, FL (February 2, 2019) - A 38-year-old man in St. Augustine has been arrested after police say that he made approximately 200 calls to 911 over a period of two months.

Michael S. Reston is accused of calling 911 and hanging up multiple times during the time period in question.  Police say Reston also failed to answer return calls from emergency operators.  Reston was found on Wednesday, January 30th sleeping in the back of his gold Toyota Camry.  According to reports, Reston said he was looking for an apartment to rent but that he was currently homeless.

When asked why he repeatedly called 911, Reston allegedly said that his cell phone ran out of minutes and that he did not have a true emergency, but that he wanted someone to talk to.  A search of phone records revealed that Reston had called 911 in Tampa, Port St. Lucie, and St. Johns County during the past two months.

Reston was given a warning for trespassing and charged with the misdemeanor of misuse of 911.

Obstruction of Justice Laws in St. Augustine

Any time you are charged with an obstruction of justice crime, it is in your best interest to immediately secure the services of an experienced and skilled Florida criminal defense attorney.  Misuse of 911 is a St. Augustine, FL - Man Arrested After Calling 911 Over 200 Times in Two Monthstype of obstruction crime that hinders the efforts of law enforcement to respond and assist citizens in the face of legitimate emergencies. These types of crimes do not typically receive much sympathy from prosecutors who are looking to punish those who misuse 911 and other emergency services.

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