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Dedicated St. Augustine Criminal Defense Lawyers

A Trusted Team of Skilled Attorneys

Being arrested can be a traumatic and intimidating experience, but it is important that you act quickly and choose a skilled attorney to represent and fight for you. Every minute that accusations without action carry on, your character is challenged and damaged. A conviction on your record can be incredibly damaging and not something you should risk. We treat every case we handle with the care and attention it deserves to produce the best possible results. You have a right to be represented in the best possible light. Musca Law’s St. Augustine defense attorneys give you that fighting chance.

What Kind of Cases Do We Represent?

We handle a wide range of criminal cases, including DUIs, sex crimes, expungement, federal crimes, violent crimes, traffic offenses, drug crimes, and many more We handle all criminal matters including:
  • Sex Crimes
  • Federal Offenses
  • Violent Crimes
  • Traffic Offenses
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • DUI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Probation Violations
  • Weapons Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
Allow us to protect your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly under the law. Your constitutional right to a fair and fast trial, regardless of what your allegations may be, is critical. We value your time, and demand that the legal process of your accusations, arraignment and final outcome do the same.

What Separates Musca Law From Other Firms

Our team concentrates energy and time to explore every single avenue in your case. Where many large scale firms only devote small segments of time to your cause, once we commit to your defense, we will aggressively fight for you throughout every process. Our St. Augustine criminal defense attorneys give careful consideration and strategic planning to every aspect of your case. We have retained our courtroom records and history through steadfast defense for our clients, and we will do the same for you. Your rights are being challenged, your character questioned. No one should endure that without professional legal representation.

What Does Musca Criminal Defense Law Stand For?

We believe in our clients, and believe that your time is most important. Your life is being interrupted by these accusations, and under your constitutional rights, you deserve an accurate and rapid legal process. Our legal representation works tirelessly to maintain your character throughout the entire process. Allegations can be just as damaging to your life as a conviction. We care about your freedom and your peace of mind, and we exercise these beliefs in conducting clear and concise legal counsel. We stand for those accused or convicted of a DUI, drug, sex or violent crime and their rights.

Trusted by the St. Augustine Community for Years

Our trusted St. Augustine criminal defense lawyers have been trusted by the community for our 150+ years of combined experience. We understand the intricate nature of the Florida legal system, how it affects proceedings, and how it will work for or against you during your criminal accusation process. We provide steadfast legal counsel to aggressively combat the accusations and evidence against you, while retaining your character throughout the process. You have the full power of a dedicated criminal defense attorney team at your disposal when you give Musca Law the privilege of representing you in and out of court.

Handling Communications Between You and the Authorities

During your accusations, police and other law enforcement are using inconsistent information to investigate. While they are doing their jobs, it often impedes upon your rights or positions you to answer questions that can later be used against you. We handle information exchange and questioning on your behalf, giving you the best possible chance of a favorable outcome. While authorities have the right and duty to investigate crimes, it mustn’t come at your personal expense. Accusations without evidence shouldn’t interfere with or impede upon your daily life until your appearance in a court of law is requested. We’re here every step of the way to protect your rights, and maintain a clear line of communication with authorities regarding this matter.

Managing Your Pre-Trial Motions

These appear long before an arraignment or trial. Pre-trial motions are where your St. Augustine criminal defense attorney can make the argument to eliminate or minimize bail, and dismiss evidence that doesn’t pertain to the specific accusations. Prosecutors are there to find every possible shred of evidence that may implicate your involvement in a crime. These pieces of evidence are commonly inconsistent with the charges.

Understanding Plea Bargaining

Before your charges ever reach a jury of your peers, you may have the option to accept a plea bargain in exchange for a mitigated sentence. Plea bargains can also help to keep serious charges off of your criminal record, thereby making your life easier after this situation has been dealt with. We will strategically approach the proposition of creating a plea bargain depending on the specifics of your case. It takes an experienced team to properly pose an argument that a plea bargain should be discussed before reaching trial. A plea bargain could be the difference between serving time, and community service: it is critical that these are handled by an experience St. Augustine criminal defense attorney. Self-representation has an extremely low chance of achieving a plea bargain.

Managing Your Arraignment

During your arraignment, a decision must be made. Charges are read aloud for the court by the prosecution, and you must plead your case. Under these circumstances, it is important to have professional legal counsel in your corner. Our St. Augustine criminal defense lawyers will fight for your rights and your freedom, challenging everything to ensure you are given a completely fair legal process.

24/7 Access to St. Augustine Criminal Defense Attorneys

There is no such thing as being conveniently accused of a criminal offense. These incidents don’t exclusively occur during business hours, which is why our St. Augustine criminal defense attorneys are available to you 24/7. Every minute you wait after accusations arise are minutes lost. Allow Musca Law to represent your freedom and rights, and deal with this difficult time in the most effective and rapid way possible.


Trust In Proven Experience & Results

When we take on a case, we dedicate our time and resources to fully understanding your charges and circumstances, meticulously investigating every facet of your situation. Our personal approach to helping clients is what allows us to succeed.

We answer calls 24/7 and offer free case evaluations.

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