LUTZ, TAMPA, FL – August 19, 2020 - According to an online news report written by, a man was arrested for allegedly attempting kidnap Sonya Deville, a WWE star. The news report states that the man confronted the women holding a knife with one hand and he held a can of mace with his other hand. The man triggered her house alarm and the woman went to her back door to see why the alarm activated, according to the suspect’s arrest report.

The woman stated on her Twitter account that the situation was very frightening. She also thanked the quick response and assistance provided by the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office. According to the Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies, the suspect had plans to hold the woman hostage. The suspect, a 24-year-old man, was arrested for breaking into the woman’s home.

According to public property records, the home where the stalker was arrested is a property that is owned by Daria Berenato. The 26-year-old woman performs under her stage name Sonya Deville. The woman is a WWE performer and she stars on the reality TV show Total Divas which airs on the E! cable channel.

The woman reported the event on her Deville Twitter account. The tweet received more than 32,000 likes. Fellow WWE performers and fans Tweeted her messages of support. Some stated that the woman could have taken the man out due to her advanced mixed martial arts training.

The Hillsborough Sheriff's deputies made the arrest inside of 10 minutes. According to the arrest report, the criminal offense happened at a house located inside the Promenade at Lake Park subdivision in Lutz, Florida.

According to the Sheriff’s Office news release, the victim’s house alarm went off at approximately 2:45 a.m. in Sunday while the victim was sleeping. The victim and her guest walked over to the patio door to investigate the reason for the alarm. The two discovered the suspect holding a can of mace and a knife. The two victims then ran away and left in an automobile and phoned 911.

According to the report, the suspect remained inside the victim’s home because he thought the two were hiding upstairs and he waited for the two to return downstairs. The suspect was found inside the victim’s home and he was placed under arrest by the Sheriff’s deputies.

The suspect parked his green 1997 Ford Thunderbird approximately a third of a mile from the victim’s home, according to the arrest report. The suspect broke into the victim’s home and was caught with mace, a knife, mace, window punches, duct tape, and plastic zip ties. The suspect had cut a hole in the victim’s patio screen where he remained for three or more hours listening and watching the victim through her windows. According to the police report, the suspect then entered the home through the sliding glass door, which activating the burglary alarm.

The suspect allegedly stated that he had been stalking the victim on social media for many years and he told the Sheriff’s deputies that he went to the victim’s home to kidnap her, according to the Sheriff’s news release.

The suspect has been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, armed kidnapping, armed burglary of a dwelling, and criminal mischief. The suspect is being held at the Hillsborough County jail without bail.

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