Stuart, FL (May 29, 2019) – Police say that a man from Miami was arrested in Stuart after they found him with 63 ounces of cocaine that he was attempting to sell to another individual.

On Monday afternoon, 22-year-old Kevin Rodriguez was arrested on two felony charges of cocaine trafficking and using a two-way communication device unlawfully.

An informant for the sheriff’s office used a cell phone so that they could catch Rodriguez in the act. Rodriguez and the informant met at a gas station and the informant wore a microphone with video capability.

The informant bought the cocaine from Rodriguez and then gave the equipment to deputies. Rodriguez was seen on video taking out a bag with cocaine and handing it to the informant.

When deputies gained the warrant to search Rodriguez’s vehicle, they found an additional 63.9 ounces of cocaine. Rodriguez was immediately arrested and taken to the local county jail. He remains there on at this time.

Stuart Drug Trafficking Laws 

Stuart, FL – Man Arrested for Felony Trafficking Cocaine ChargesIf you have been accused of a Stuart drug trafficking crime, you could be facing long-lasting consequences upon conviction. Trafficking charges vary in severity, sometimes depending on which type of controlled substance played a role in your case. If you are charged with a drug trafficking crime, you could be facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence, even without a prior criminal record. The fines that follow these crimes can also be quite high, putting you in a difficult position.

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