GAINESVILLE – a news report posted on states that a 39-year-old man from Manassas passed away after he was unresponsive and in police custody. The news report states that the man was being held at the county jail last Tuesday night. According to the news report, the Manassas man was arrested following his alleged attack on a woman who was walking along the road in Gainesville. The attack allegedly occurred at approximately 7 PM, according to a news report.

Last Tuesday night at approximately 7 PM, Gainesville police arrived at an incident scene and found the suspects hiding in a grassy area close to the scene of the incident. The suspect seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

According to the news report, the suspect was taken into police custody after he allegedly strangled, abducted, and committed other violent crimes, including assault against a 38-year-old woman. The report states that the suspect allegedly grabbed the woman from behind while walking down the road.

The news report also stated that after the suspect grabbed the victim, he placed his arms around the woman’s neck. The woman was able to fend off the suspects, but the suspect bit the woman on her lower body, causing injury. Police detectives are currently investigating if The two individuals knew each other.

Witnesses to the attack called the police, and emergency rescue crew workers treated the victim at the scene of the incident.

As the police searched The suspect during his arrest, the officers discovered a valve containing what they believe to be liquid PCP. While the suspect was still at the scene, he exhibited signs of some sort of seizure, and police officers immediately called the rescue crew over to check out the suspect’s medical condition.

The suspect refused to be taken to the hospital by emergency medical cruise. Therefore the suspect was transported to jail to be processed in books. Once the suspect arrived at the jail, The suspect suddenly became unresponsive.

Police officers and jail workers immediately begin to perform CPR on the suspect, and then the suspect was taken to a nearby local area hospital where he tragically passed away.

An autopsy will be performed on the suspect in order to determine the manner and cause of death.

Two police officers were put on routine administrative leave while the investigation into the suspect’s death is ongoing.

According to the news report, the suspects had a lengthy criminal history, including another attack against a woman at a Manassas hotel room. That incident occurred back in 2017. The suspect was also charged for assaulting a police officer during that arrest. According to the news report, the suspect was sentenced to three years in prison for those particular crimes and for violating several probation orders.

So far, the preliminary investigation leads detectives to believe that the man died of a tragic overdose. No official statement regarding the cause or manner of death will be released until the corners office releases its official cause of death report.

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