Unsolved crimes are sometimes the thing of legend; yet, the current DNA technology has made solving those acts of the past possible. Known as the "In Cold Blood" killers, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock were hanged in Kansas, in 1959. Their conviction of the murder of a Kansas family made national news and was the subject of the famous Truman Capote book, and a subsequent movie.

Even though the convicted murderers are long, long gone, their remains have been exhumed to recover DNA to solve the murders of a Sarasota, Florida couple and their two children in 1959. According to The Associated Press, Perry and Hitchcock have never left the law enforcement radar:

Hickock and Perry Smith have been considered suspects in the Walker slayings since 1960, and Kyle Smith said Florida officials have expressed an interest several time,s over the decades, in renewing the investigation. DNA testing now has advanced enough that older material can be analyzed more effectively, he said.

"We can get smaller samples, more decayed samples, and still get matches," Kyle Smith said during a news conference at the city hall in Lansing. "They could have tried this 20 years ago and maybe used up what biological samples they had and gotten nothing from it."

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