Tampa, FL (November 16, 2018) - On Wednesday evening, just before 5:00, Tampa police responded to a call telling them that gunshots had been heard in the immediate area. Their efforts to investigate the situation led to one suspect in custody and another on the lam.

  Spotting a vehicle they believed to be linked to the reported gunshots, the Tampa police officers attempted to pull the vehicle over. Instead of complying with the request, the suspect sped away leading police on a three-mile chase through town. The pursuit ended when the suspect’s car sideswiped another car and then crashed into a pole. The driver and passenger were able to exit the disabled vehicle and, after a failed attempt at carjacking another car in the area, decided to flee on foot. The driver was caught and arrested. Police are still searching for the passenger.

  The driver of the sideswiped car did not suffer any major injuries and at least one of the guns the suspects attempted to ditch has been recovered.

Tampa, FL - Shooting Incident Leads To Police Chase, Wreck

Eluding Police in Florida

Eluding the police is a serious criminal charge in the state of Florida. It comes with harsh penalties such as the revocation of your driving privileges and possibly a prison sentence. Typically, a charge of fleeing and eluding has three categories into which your particular charge may fall. These categories are sirens and lights activated, sirens and lights activated with high-speed or reckless driving, and finally, sirens and lights activated with high-speed or reckless driving causing serious bodily injury or death. Each of these categories carries different penalties with it.

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