Tampa, FL (November 17, 2018) – Tampa Police reported that a man led officers on a chase that ended after he crashed his vehicle and attempted to steal another and, at this time, he is facing punishment for multiple charges.

As of now, 31-year old Tampa resident Reginald Mosley has been charged with one count of fleeing/attempting to elude police, driving with a suspended license, fleeing the scene of an accident, attempting to steal a vehicle (carjacking), battery, and violation of probation.

His passenger has not yet been located.

According to reports, Hillsborough sheriff’s deputies heard gunshots in the vicinity of 24th Street and 15th Street and spotted a black Toyota Avalon speeding away from the site. Coordinating with the Country Sheriff’s Office, the officers attempted to stop the suspect’s vehicle.

Ultimately, the chase ended at 50th and Columbus Street when the Toyota clipped another vehicle and crashed into a pole. According to the report, Mosley and his passenger escaped the car and fled. Later, Mosley attempted to steal another vehicle and was successfully apprehended by police. Meanwhile, deputies helped locate two firearms that had been thrown from the Toyota. Current records indicate the crime was a drive-by shooting.



Weapons Crime and Theft in Tampa

Tampa, FL –Tampa Man Arrested after Police Pursuit Ends in CrashOverall, the State of Florida has multiple offenses for weapons crimes, which can ultimately fall under the categories of misdemeanors or felonies. If a person is found guilty of committing one or more of these acts, this individual can face long-term imprisonment and large fines. Brandishing firearms while another crime is being committed can also qualify as a weapons crime.

As outlined in Florida §812.014, an act of theft is a situation where a person takes or uses a piece of property owned by another person to prevent the rightful owner from having access to this property for a personal advantage. Depending on what kind of property was stolen, the charges can vary from petit theft (1st and 2nd degree) or grand theft (1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees).

Simultaneously facing charges for weapons crime and theft can be one of the worst times of your life, which is why you need the help of a professional, dedicated criminal defense attorney. Here at Musca Law, we have a combined experience of 150 years of criminal defense experience. If you are charged with weapons crimes or theft and need legal assistance, contact us today at (888) 484-5057.