JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - According to an online news report posted on news4jax.com, a man is facing several sexual battery charges.  The suspect's arrest report details three different allegations brought by three different women.  All women accuse the Jacksonville tattoo artist of committing sexual assault. 

The arrest warrants allege all three of the attack occurred at the 36-year-old tattoo artist's apartment in Riverside.  The suspect was arrested in Volusia County.  The suspect has had a tattoo shop in Riverside for the past several years.

The women told the criminal investigators that they were forced to engage in unprotected sex with the suspect, and the suspect would get very angry if he did not get his way.  The arrest record and documents allege that the sex crimes happened between the years 2015 and 2018.

One woman stated that she had met the suspect last year and that he appeared to be "super nice and friendly at first."  She stated that they exchanged phone numbers, and the suspect asked her to hang out.  The woman stated that the suspect made it appear that he was very trustworthy.

In April, a musician posted on social media, stating that he had heard a Jacksonville tattoo artist claiming to be the musician's cousin to impress women.  However, the two aren't related.

The woman stated that the suspect told her the same thing. 

The musician, a Bayside bandmember, contacted the Mayor's Office, who then contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the State Attorney to warn them of the allegations that he had come across.

According to Jacksonville Sheriffs' Office, the suspect's tattoo artist business gave him "frequent contact with the community."  Therefore, they believe that there are other victims. 

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