TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA - Governor Ron DeSantis made headlines today as he endorsed his third anti-crime, pro-public safety legislative package with his signature. The laws endorsed by the Governor aim to bolster pre-trial detention, push back against "bail reform" initiatives that have caused a safety decline in other states, increase punishments for drug traffickers preying on children, and propose the death penalty for child rapists. Last month saw Governor DeSantis signing legislation to amend Florida's death penalty laws, further ensuring justice in capital cases. Further details on today's announcement can be accessed here:

"Florida, a state firmly rooted in law and order, boasts a record low crime rate for the past 50 years and substantial year-over-year drops in murder, burglary, and overall crime," Governor Ron DeSantis commented. "We have been consistently establishing strong crime control measures for three legislative sessions, and we remain committed to keeping our state safe through keeping criminals incarcerated and ensuring severe penalties for child abusers."

Attorney General Ashley Moody added, "In Florida, we uphold the rule of law, support our law enforcement, and treat offenders appropriately — as criminals who deserve imprisonment, not as victims. One of the contributing factors to our status as the fastest-growing state in the nation is our strong stance on crime. I'm grateful for Governor DeSantis’ unwavering leadership and his advocacy and endorsement of new laws targeting fentanyl traffickers and maintaining the incarceration of violent and repeat offenders to safeguard Floridians and our multitude of visitors."

Governor DeSantis is shielding Floridians from the damaging "bail reforms" propagated by liberal politicians and prosecutors in high-crime areas across the country. By endorsing HB 1627, he is ensuring the Florida Supreme Court establishes a uniform statewide bond schedule by year-end, preventing chief judges from setting lower bond amounts than this uniform schedule for criminal offenses, while allowing them to set higher bonds. The law also limits pretrial release for violent crimes and empowers courts to revoke pretrial release upon violation of its conditions, among other measures.

In a move to safeguard Florida’s children from "rainbow fentanyl" threats, Governor DeSantis has endorsed HB 1359. The law adds severe penalties for fentanyl and related drug crimes, especially when drugs are made to resemble candy targeting children. These penalties include life sentences for traffickers, minimum 25-year sentences, and $1 million fines. Possession, sale, or manufacturing of candy-like fentanyl and other controlled substances will be a first-degree felony.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis endorsed HB 1297, which imposes the death penalty for pedophiles who sexually assault children under 12 years old. The Governor stands ready to defend this law up to the U.S. Supreme Court, aiming to overturn precedents that have unjustly protected child rapists from the death penalty and denied victims the chance to pursue justice fully.

The laws endorsed today add to Governor DeSantis' prior pro-public safety measures, such as anti-rioting legislation, the most robust law enforcement recruitment and support initiative in the country, and is designed to crackdown on drug dealers and drug traffickers.