Sleepless nights and Anxiety for the future was what I was feeling when I was arrested for my 2nd DUI / 2nd refusal. After researching online I retained Musca Law firm…Within 4 hours of retention, I had already received emails from my team of lawyers explaining exactly what I needed to do and exactly what they had already done. My DMV administrative hearing and hardship license was requested that same day by Ms. Sonalia. My waiver of appearance at the 1st hearing for my case was also accomplished. Everything that could have been done at that moment was done. I couldn’t have been more impressed by their professionalism and prompt responses to all my questions. Even though they have probably answered the same questions a million times they made me feel like an individual and for the first time in all my dealings with lawyers they made me feel like they cared. Immediately I felt more at ease and relaxed with the situation. As stated previously, this was my 2nd DUI refusal and I was facing an 18-month license suspension with no possibility of being eligible for a hardship one during that entire time. Well, my hearing was 2 weeks ago and I got the phone call last week that we had won at the DMV Admin Hearing! I went and got my license this past Friday with no restrictions and no machines! Words failed me when I got that phone call and I couldn’t have been more pleased. It’s incredibly difficult to win at the DMV hearings in case you are not aware, but Attorney Sonalia made a compelling argument. My criminal case is still pending, but I have no doubt that 100 percent will be given then as well. This law firm and the lawyers who comprise it are the REAL DEAL and WILL do their best to take care of you. My praise doesn’t come easily and this is my way of thanking them for an outstanding job!!