Treasure Island, FL (November 16, 2018) - This past Sunday afternoon on Florida’s Treasure Island a woman was arrested for sneaking into a private wedding at the Lion’s Club and then refusing to leave once she was caught.

  Christine Chandler was able to trespass into the building through an unmanned side gate. She then proceeded to make her way to the dance floor and disrupt the bride and groom’s last dance of the reception. Several of the guests tried to get Chandler to leave, but she refused and became increasingly belligerent, eventually yelling expletives at the wedding guests.

  Christina Chandler is charged with disorderly conduct.

Treasure Island, FL - Woman Arrested For Wedding Crashing

Disorderly Conduct Laws in Florida

Disorderly conduct is a common, albeit very vague charge. Sometimes the charge is also referred to as a “breach of the peace”. Its purpose is to regulate conduct in public areas. One of the most common reasons people find themselves on the receiving end of such a charge is due to public intoxication, which is, of course, a crime in and of itself in the state of Florida.

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