Credit Card FraudThere are a lot of different Florida crimes that fall under the category of fraud. It can include everything from using a credit card without permission to making false statements to a bank. You can even commit fraud when you try to pass off used goods as new or when you make a false or exaggerated insurance report. Basically, anytime you're dishonest with the intent to cheat, it's likely some kind of criminal fraud in the state of Florida.


Possible penalties for fraud charges vary greatly depending on what happened. You might face anything from a simple misdemeanor to a serious felony. The amount of the fraud is a deciding factor, and the type of fraud matters, too. The state's attorney has discretion to decide what charges they believe are most appropriate.

Your Best Defense

While fraud charges are some of the most intimidating criminal charges, they are also often defensible in court. That's because fraud charges usually involve an element of intent. This means the state has to prove that you took actions on purpose with the intent of cheating someone out of their own property.

Sometimes, it can be hard for the state to prove. It's up to the state to prove the charges against you. You can have someone there to help defend you. With a jury, the prosecution demonstrating that you acted fraudulently on purpose can be difficult evidence. A Florida fraud defense attorney can help you prepare your case for trial in a language that the jury can understand.

Work with an Attorney

When you're facing fraud charges, don't go it alone. Having a skilled legal team to advocate for you can provide a strong defense against the state's attorney and with the jury. They can help you evaluate your case and make smart choices for your defense plan.

If you're facing fraud charges, we invite you to come meet with our team. At Musca Law, we enthusiastically defend our clients to the fullest extent of the law. With so much on the line, let us be your first line of defense.

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