West Palm Beach, FL (March 1, 2019) – Police reported that a race car driver from South Florida, Davey Hamilton, held his ex-girlfriend at knifepoint when he was in her hotel room.

Now, police say the 21-year-old is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment. Hamilton allegedly manipulated his way into a hotel room occupied by his ex-girlfriend, identified as Angelica Hickey. He apparently posed as the owner of a vodka company and made her believe that he was going to make her into a brand ambassador.

Hamilton communicated with Hickey over text and told her that he was the owner of Monkey in Paradise. He lured Hickey to travel to a hotel with the promise of $5,000. However, when Hickey arrived at the hotel, she was told that her room key was under the door and Hamilton told her to get “ready.” When she was in the shower, Hamilton broke into the room and opened the shower curtain, where he threatened Hickey with a knife.

While Hickey got out and sat on the bed, Hamilton held the knife and pointed it at her, standing in between her and the door so that she was unable to leave. Hamilton accused Hickey of cheating and started questioning her about the end of their relationship.

Eventually, Hamilton told Hickey to get dressed, which is when she took the opportunity to run out of the room and scream for help. Hamilton escaped the hotel room but was soon taken into custody by police.

During questioning, Hamilton told police that he never intended to hurt Hickey and was just trying to scare her. Hamilton also admitted that he used cell phones to manipulate Hickey and make her believe that she was meeting with somebody else.

West Palm Beach Aggravated Assault Laws

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