If you are charged with a DUI, you should first find a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. If you are in the Miami or Tampa area, Musca Law is an experienced and respected law group that specializes in DUI cases. Below are some important questions that you need to clear with your lawyer before your case.

Communicating for Success

The first question you should ask your lawyer is about experience. You might ask, "How much experience do you have with DUI cases like mine?" Your next questions should be about the process. Make sure your lawyer makes you as much of an expert on the process as he or she is. Ensure that your lawyer will be available to you if you have any additional questions. You may need to clear up some confusion before your trial, and your lawyer should be able to help you whenever you need it. Lastly, talk to your lawyer about his or her outcome record. You have a right to know if your lawyer is successful with cases like yours.