Gainesville, Florida - A news report posted on states that a California woman, 30 years of age, was arrested at approximately 8:30 in the morning on May 19, 2021. The woman, who is from Elk Grove, California, was arrested at the Gainesville regional airport and has been charged with" Trafficking in Cannabis" and "Possession/Use of Drug Paraphernalia."

The news report stated that on May 18, 2021, the Gainesville Police Department was alerted by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office Airport Bureau that a passenger boarded an American Airlines flight in Sacramento, California, with around 24 packages of marijuana each weighing about 1 pound each. The news report states that a search of law enforcement databases showed no criminal history for the woman and also no ties to Gainesville, Florida.

The Gainesville Police Department later discovered that the woman did not board her connecting flight in Dallas, Texas, due to weather concerns. However, the woman's luggage continued to the final destination at Gainesville regional airport. The woman's luggage was then transferred to an American Airlines office and was secured.

The suspect's rescheduled flight arrives at the Gainesville airport at approximately 830 and in the morning on May 19, 2021,. According to the news report, the Gainesville police department officers were there waiting for her. The officers watched the woman retrieve her bags and luggage at the American Airlines office, and then the officers detain the woman. The woman was read her Miranda rights, and the woman stated that she would not speak with them concerning the contents within her luggage. A Gainesville police detective stated that the woman's luggage quote had several indicators consistent with the shipping of illegal narcotics based on my training and experience. The defendant was traveling from my source city, California, which is a known source city for illegal narcotics, particularly cannabis being shipped via parcel throughout the United States. "

At approximately 9:30 AM, a "certified illegal narcotics detention canine called maverick "arrived at the airport to conduct A drug sniff search. As the canine conducted a sniff search of the woman's luggage, the canine positively alerted to the presence of illegal drugs inside the woman's luggage. Disallowed the Gainesville Police Department to obtain a search warrant of the woman's luggage, and upon searching her luggage, the lawn Forssman officers discovered over 62 pounds of marijuana. According to a news report, each piece of luggage the woman had with her contained 24 individually wrapped packages of marijuana. Each of the packages weighed approximately 1 pound. Inside with the marijuana were some men's T-shirts. The woman is currently waiting for her hearing and is in custody at the Alachua County Jail.

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