Vehicle Searched after Leaving Known Drug House; Arrested for Possession

Marijuana Charge DROPPED; No Cocaine & Paraphernalia Possession Convictions
Police stopped a vehicle for illegal window tint. The Driver consented for Officers to search the vehicle. The Police found a marijuana roach and seeds on the passenger floorboard. A pat down search of the passenger revealed a bag of crack cocaine and a crack pipe. Police arrested the passenger and charged him with Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of Paraphernalia. RESULTS: The Client was facing felony charges. The Defense deposed the arresting Officers prior to trial and found discrepancies in their statements. The Defense persuaded the State to DROP the Possession of Marijuana Charge. The remainder of the case went to Court and the Defense prevailed. The Judge ruled no formal finding of guilt on the charges of Possession of Cocaine and Paraphernalia.