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In years past, counterfeiting was an offense solely associated with legal tender and a criminal offense punishable by death. Today, what would fall under the definition of counterfeiting would include creating false money, as well as, forging important documents and faking goods like designer watches, purses, and jewelry. The penalties for counterfeiting convictions have also changed and involve hefty fines and prison sentences, according to both Florida state law and federal law.

If charged with a counterfeiting or forgery offense, it is important to contact a Florida criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. At Musca Law, our legal team is well-versed in these types of charges and understand that the sooner an attorney is retained, the higher the chances are for a successful outcome. Our firm also realizes that these types of cases can be complex and make it a point to work with field experts. We have the experience and resources required to provide you with an effective legal defense.

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Counterfeiting & Forgery Charges

You may face imprisonment in state prison, heavy fines, probation and a number of other serious penalties if you are convicted.

We handle all types of counterfeiting and forgery charges, including those involving:

  • Private labels or goods
  • Official signatures
  • Checks or other bank documents
  • Possession of forged bank documents
  • Legal tender
  • Making or possessing instruments to create counterfeits
  • Medical documents
  • Identification cards or driver's licenses
  • Blank prescription slips

Your lawyer will be the one person on your side in court who has the legal prowess and experience to make a positive impact. You will need a Florida counterfeiting defense attorney to protect your rights and fight for your future throughout every step of your case proceedings.

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