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Tax evasion is defined as the purposeful illegal attempt of a U.S. citizen to evade assessment or payment of a tax imposed by the federal government. The organization that oversees taxes, the Internal Revenues Service, is in charge of investigating those who attempt to evade paying. According to estimates, the federal government loses billions of dollars in potential revenue to people who evade taxes. In 2006, that lost income gap was estimated at $450 billion.


Tax evasion includes some of the following:

  • Misrepresenting or underreporting income
  • Inflating deductions
  • Tax protest/ resistance
  • Use of offshore accounts to hide money
  • Money laundering



If you are caught and convicted of tax evasion, the federal government can impose some of the following sentences:


  • Up to 5 years in prison
  • Up to $250,000 in fines ($500,000 for corporations)
  • Both in addition to the cost of prosecution

Additionally, any unpaid balance of taxes will accrue interest, which includes a failure to pay a penalty of 0.5% on the unpaid amount each month it is unpaid, and a tax evasion fraud penalty of 75% of the unpaid tax; this interest is all collectable by the government and must be paid in addition to the penalty fines.



The IRS will carry out investigations to determine whether or not someone may be guilty of tax evasion, including looking into books, records, and financial papers. While they do investigate charges, including those submitted to the IRS whistleblower award program, they do not prosecute financial crimes. The IRS is only capable of imposing monetary penalties and require payment of proper taxes due. They typically investigate suspicious financial activity by conducting randomly selected audits to estimate total noncompliance.



Whistleblower Award Program

In 2006, the IRS Whistleblower Office was created, which allows anonymous whistleblowers to get 15% to 30% of any recovery by the IRS which comes to at least $2 million, including all interests, penalties, and other funds collected by the government. This program encourages people to provide information based on evidence that can provide a solid basis for additional investigation, rather than relying on speculation and hearsay.



Avoid Facing the IRS Alone

If you’re facing charges by the federal government, make sure you have an experienced Florida federal crimes defense attorney your side. The IRS has the full power of the government behind it whenever the organization finds someone who may not have paid their taxes. IRS investigators will conduct a thorough research into your financial affairs. In order to avoid saying anything incriminating, have IRS agents talk to your lawyer or have your attorney present if they need to question you. However, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a tax liability existed, an act was committed to avoid tax payment, and you intended to avoid a legal duty to pay. If your attorney exploits the weaknesses in their arguments, and if he or she emphasizes the strengths of your case, you have a better chance of avoiding a conviction.


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