Community Control Violations in Florida

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Being accused of a probation violation or community control violation can have serious consequences. If the court becomes aware that a probationer may have violated the terms of his or her probation, the trial judge has the authority to issue a warrant for his or her immediate arrest.

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About Probation Violations in Florida

If any type of law enforcement officer or probation officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a person under probation or an offender in community control has violated their terms, he or she can make an immediate arrest or inform law enforcement to make an arrest, without a warrant. After the arrest, the suspected offender would be returned to the court where probation or community control was originally granted.


A person accused of a probation violation or violation of community control has the right to a hearing, at which time the court may change, revoke or continue the defendant's term of probation or community control. If the court revokes probation or community control, the defendant will therefore be found guilty of the original offense for which he or she received probation. The court may also impose the original sentence for that offense.


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A person may face charges for violating their probation or community control for failing to report to their probation officer, being arrested for a new crime, associating with known criminals, drug or alcohol abuse, failing to pay a court-ordered fine or failing to appear for a scheduled court appearance. No matter the specific probation violation charges you may be facing, you will need a dedicated Florida probation violation lawyer to protect your rights and help you avoid facing an even longer term of probation or community control - or worse yet, the maximum penalties for the original offense for which you were convicted.

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