Red Light Violations

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Running a red light isn’t that uncommon and can often happen when people overestimate how long the yellow light will be. When people speed up during the yellow, it happens because they are afraid they can’t safely stop before hitting the intersection. However, red light cameras in intersections can’t always make the distinction between people running a red light out of sheer arrogance and people running a red light because they can’t safely stop before the intersection.

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Running a Red Light

There is no exact definition of what constitutes running a red light, but the rule of thumb is that people are usually guilty of running a red if their vehicle is not completely past the white stop bar when the light turns from yellow to red.

Running a Stop Sign

Stop signs are a much simpler version of a stoplight intersection. Florida law requires people come to a complete stop at the limit line. In order to be found guilty of running a stop sign, the following requirements must be met:

  • The driver must have been driving and approached a stop sign
  • The stop sign must have been located at the entrance or at a railroad crossing or intersection
  • The driver must have failed to come to a complete stop at the entrance line or at the start of the intersection if no line is marked

Fighting the Ticket

Receiving a ticket for running a red light or stop sign isn’t always fair. After all, if someone borrows your car and runs the red light, your license plate is connected to the crime. Regardless of whether or not the individual who ran the red light owned the car, the red light camera will still take a photo of the traffic violation and send that information to the authorities. Likewise, not all stop signs will be readily visible from the driver’s seat. If a stop sign is overgrown, you can’t necessarily be blamed for not seeing it.

Fighting the ticket will often be in your best interest depending on your circumstances. How many points do you already have on your driver’s license? How much is the actual fine? If you can’t afford another point on your record or you can’t afford the amount of the ticket, you may need to fight it.

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