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If you were charged with a criminal offense, it is important that you obtain aggressive legal representation to protect your rights. Too often, the authorities catch individuals unaware, not taking the time to inform them of their rights. At Musca Law, our skilled criminal defense lawyers in Lakeland are committed to helping clients out of complicated legal situations. We are not afraid to take on cases that other attorneys are too scared to handle.

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Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Lakeland

Often individuals wait too long to hire skilled legal representation. This is a mistake! The moment an officer arrests you, the prosecution is already building a case against you. Do not take a chance with your future. Our skilled Lakeland criminal defense lawyers have over 150 years of combined experience combating criminal charges on behalf of clients across Florida.

Whether you need help with DUI charges, sex crimes, drug crimes, trespassing, prostitution, or other offenses, we can help! We have worked long enough in this industry to understand that not all arrests occur during regular office hours.

Our attorneys are available 24/7 to answer your calls and can help you through even the most complicated of cases. Additionally, we offer free consultations to get you started.


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At Musca Law, we understand what a frightening time this can be for clients. We keep our caseload light so that each individual receives the attention they deserve. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers in Lakeland take the time know your story and carefully construct each case as if it were going to trial. You can rest assured that when you trust our attorneys, no detail will go unexamined.

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