FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (October 17, 2019) - writes that four individuals from Florida were charged with entering autos over the weekend. The suspects are now awaiting bond hearings. The Statesboro police captain stated that detectives are still working to gather information about additional similar incidents that could be linked to the suspects, but that so far, the suspects have been charged for three counts each. The suspects are all from Fort Lauderdale. The suspects range in age from nineteen to twenty-one.

Police were called to the site of one of the suspected crimes on Sunday. A woman called from a church located on East Main Street, reporting that her credit card company had just reported unauthorized activity at a Walgreens. 

Video from the church parking lot shows a white SUV driving away at the time of the suspected theft. Two additional car break-ins were reported from about the same time at the Mill Creek Park. 

Police investigated the Walgreens and found a vehicle matching that of the one in the security footage from the church. The four suspects were inside and had the stolen credit card with them. A search of the suspects and their vehicle uncovered additional stolen property. The four had used the stolen credit card to purchase gift cards at the Walgreens. All four were arrested and taken to the Bulloch County Jail. 

Detectives are asking the public to report any information they might have related to the incident or the suspects. 

Individuals convicted of credit card theft can face between one and five years in prison, depending on the circumstances of the crime, the jurisdiction, and the defendant’s criminal record.

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