Melbourne, FL (May 28, 2019) – Melbourne police officials and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office teamed up after receiving information regarding an organized theft ring in Melbourne targeting boats.

Police arrived at the scene of the crime on Tuesday around 9:15 p.m. to find that there was a group of three males in two different vehicles. They were cutting a fence in a backyard and committing burglary, then removing the motors from boats as well as equipment. The second vehicle was committing surveillance to watch out for police.

Melbourne Police worked to set up a perimeter so that they could stop the burglary in process. All three subjects noticed police and fled, attempting to run and hide from the officers. With the help of all officers and K-9 officers, all three were apprehended.

All three of the suspects, who have not yet been identified by police, were arrested on multiple felonies and taken to the station.

At this time, the investigation into the incident continues.

Melbourne Theft Laws 

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