North Port, FL (November 12, 2018) – Two women wielded shards of a broken coffee mug and attacked each other at a school bus stop in North Port. The incident took place this past week, and dozens of elementary school children witnessed the confrontation.

According to initial reports, the two women were arguing with one another when the cup broke. Pieces of the mug were used by both women to slash and stab at one another.

One of the women was cut in the neck and the other had defensive-type wounds in her arms. Both of the women were hospitalized to receive medical care for their injuries. The children who witnessed the attacks were offered counseling through the school.

At this time, charges are pending following the violent fight, and the names of the women have not been released.

North Port Assault Laws

North Port, FL – Two Men Attack Each Other with Broken Coffee MugThe women will probably be charged with a violent crime such as assault. An assault occurs when a victim is harmed by the aggressive and intentionally harmful acts of another. A variety of different but related charges can end in misdemeanor or felonies, but you need an experienced criminal lawyer by your side to have any hope of a reduced sentence.

Florida handles violent crimes very seriously and actively prosecute those accused. If you have been accused of one of these crimes, an experienced attorney representing you during this difficult time is essential. Our team represents those accused of assault in Fort Myers, North Port, and across Florida to ensure your rights are protected.

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