Orlando, FL (November 14, 2018) – On Sunday morning, an armed man reportedly fled the scene of an accident that he caused on State Road 528 in Orlando and was caught by authorities in a different area later in the day.

The crash took place around 9 a.m. when the suspect lost control of his vehicle traveling westbound on the highway, which is when he crashed into a guardrail near mile marker 14. The man got out of the vehicle and left it on the toll road. Officers then responded to the area of Corkfield Avenue after a homeowner reported that the suspect was running through their backyard with a gun.

Around noon, authorities finally caught up to the suspect when he dodged across all north and southbound lanes of SR 417. Traffic slowed down so that law enforcement could come through, but one vehicle rear-ended another as a result. Two adults and two children were taken to a hospital and are expected to be okay.

The suspect was arrested and law enforcement officials have not released the reason why he was running from the law in the first place. The incident is under investigation at this time.

Orlando Traffic Offense Laws

Orlando, FL – Armed Man Fled Scene of Accident on State Road 528Though no official charges have been listed as of yet, the suspect could be facing a variety of traffic-related and weapon offenses as a result of this incident. Commonly, the penalties that stem from these cases include incarceration, fines, county surcharges, driver education, high insurance rates, and more. You might find that it is possible to bring a defense but this is difficult to do when you you do not have legal assistance on your side. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you might be able to challenge the officer’s conclusion, prove that the incident was a mistake of fact, and a variety of other defenses that might play an important role in your case.

Traffic-related incidents take place in Orlando and many other Florida locations every single day, leading to a variety of arrests on our roads. If you have been accused of a traffic offense and want to protect yourself at this time, it is important to speak with a successful criminal defense attorney in Florida who is aware of all related laws in your case and can help you from beginning to end.

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