Two men from North Carolina are facing first-degree murder charges after they allegedly raped a tourist who died of an overdose during Spring Break in Miami, Florida. 

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - According to an online news report on, two men from North Carolina are being accused of raping and causing a fentanyl-induced death of a 24-year-old tourist who during spring break in Miami Beach. The men are facing first-degree murder charges along with other criminal charges

Last Wednesday, a Miami-Dade County grand jury found the two men responsible for the fentanyl-induced death of a 24-year-old woman from Richboro, Pennsylvania. The men were visiting Miami from Greensboro, North Carolina. According to the news report, the woman met the men while she was visiting South Beach. The woman purportedly took the men to her room at the Albion Hotel, prosecutors stated.

The Miami-Dade grand jury added another first-degree murder charge against one of the defendants for selling the same deadly opioid to a 21-year-old man from Chicago. That victim was discovered unconscious on the street close by, and the victim passed away two days after the woman was found dead in her hotel room.

The three-page report produced by the grand jury accuses the men of killing the 24-year-old woman with their "unlawful distribution of fentanyl" and committing burglary and sexual battery on the woman. The defendants allegedly stole the victim's credit cards and then made illegal purchases at the Sugar Factory and SOBE Liquors.

Law enforcement authorities stated that surveillance video cameras recorded the men entering the hotel with the victim and leaving the hotel without her. The arrest report states that one of the defendants confessed to giving the victim a green pill and admitted that they raped her in the hotel room while she laid unconscious.

The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner concluded that the pills consumed by the victim were "rapidly fatal" fentanyl. The autopsy also discovered that the victim's alcohol level was closed to 2.0, which is nearly three times the legal limit in Florida, and that asphyxia could have been a factor in her death. The two men remain in the Miami-Dade County Jail.