Payment Options

3rd Party Lending

At Musca Law we offer a variety of convenient payment alternatives, which in appropriate cases, may include customized payment plans. We accept cash, checks and wire transfers. In addition, our firm accepts all major credit cards and pays all associated processing costs without seeking reimbursement from our clients. Similarly, Musca Law will agree to accept direct payments from most financing companies, including but not limited to Lending USA, Inc., when a client has independently contracted with such a financing company. Musca Law will not charge any higher fee for receiving payment directly from a finance company. The finance company alone determines the loan amount, financing fee, repayment plan, and interest rate. The client is responsible for making the loan payments directly to the finance company in accordance with the terms of the loan. Musca Law has no ownership interest in or control over any finance company. Typically, if the loan is approved, the finance company will pay Musca Law the full amount of the loan, less a financing fee. Musca Law will never charge the client any portion of the finance fee that is deducted from the amount Musca Law receives from the finance company. The receipt of its legal fees is the only benefit that Musca Law receives when a client participates in such a financing arrangement. Musca Law may provide additional information regarding finance companies, but only after we have determined that such referral is in the best interest of our client and that the terms of the loan comply with applicable law. Before entering into any financing agreement, we encourage our clients to obtain information directly from the finance company, as well as independent legal advice regarding the financing transaction.