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Criminal allegations put a lot on the line. From your financial well-being to your freedom and future, the consequences of a conviction can have life-altering effects. Fortunately, our criminal justice system is based on the presumption of innocence: you are considered innocent until proven guilty and you have the right to challenge the government’s case against you. Working with experienced defense lawyers can help you make the most of this important opportunity.

At Musca Law, our criminal defense attorneys draw from over 150 years of collective experience to guide clients through all aspects of their criminal cases. By leveraging our experience, insight, and passion for securing positive outcomes when clients need them most, we have been able to protect the rights and futures of numerous men and women throughout Florida. In the process, we have cultivated a reputation as a proven and formidable defense team, with a record of success that has earned national recognition.

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Cases We Handle

Backed by an award-winning legal team, our criminal defense firm has the ability to defend clients charged with all types of crimes, including the most serious allegations. Cases we handle include:

Trust Proven Defense Lawyers When it Matters Most

While you may have the opportunity to work with a Public Defender, it is crucial to consider whether you can truly trust your case in their hands. Public defenders, especially in Florida, are notoriously overburdened with heavy caseloads and are typically underpaid newer attorneys. Additionally, they are significantly short on time and resources to devote to a case.

At Musca Law, we devote our personal focus to each and every client, as we know these can be some of the most difficult and challenging times in their lives. We also devote the necessary time to conducting thorough investigations and preparing a customized defense strategy that aims to secure the best possible outcome.

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