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Disorderly intoxication is a criminal offense that involves a person who is under the influence of alcohol disrupting the peace and safety of others. Under Florida law, disorderly intoxication involves behavior which qualifies as a "public disturbance." It may be difficult to distinguish what is a public disturbance and what is the conduct of a person exercising his or her right to free speech. Although disorderly intoxication may be considered a lesser offense, it is still punishable by imprisonment and fines. You will still have a criminal record that will remain for life. It is important that you take advantage of your constitutional right to legal counsel and work with a Florida disorderly conduct defense lawyer who can effectively represent your interests and help you avoid a conviction.

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Disorderly Intoxication Penalties in Florida

An officer observing a person committing the offense of disorderly intoxication may decide not to make an arrest and incarcerate the individual.

Instead, the officer has the authority to decide to:
  • Take or send the person to his or her home
  • Take or send the person to a private or public healthcare facility
  • Arrange commercial transportation to get the person home

In worse scenarios, the penalties for such an offense may include up to 60 days in county jail and/or a fine of up to $500. If you have three previous disorderly intoxication convictions within the past 12 months you may face court-ordered rehabilitation or treatment for up to 60 days. Even for a first offense, you may face second degree misdemeanor charges.

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