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For some individuals, a driver's license becomes something that they don't value until it's gone. License revocation is one of the most startling things that can happen to a person. Without the convenience of your driver's license your job, reputation, and personal relationships may be on the line. At Musca Law, our Florida criminal attorneys have over 150 years of combined legal experience, lending our clients unparalleled skills and knowledge for building effective defense strategies. We recognize that any evidence gathered at the administrative review hearing for your DUI is likely to be used against you at your criminal DUI trial by overzealous prosecutors. That's right; the administrative review hearing is only just the beginning of the legal hoops the criminal justice system makes you jump through. On the other hand, favorable evidence gathered at the administrative review hearing for your DUI may be used in your favor - and that is where we come in. Our lawyers have decades of extensive experience successfully representing individuals charged with DUI at both the formal administrative review hearing and the criminal DUI trial.

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License Revocation Timeframe

10 days. That's all you have after you've been arrested for DUI to ask for a formal administrative review hearing with regard to keeping your driver's license. If you fail to request this hearing, your driver's license will be suspended automatically. If that isn't harsh enough, if you fail a breathalyzer test and don't request a formal administrative review hearing, your driver's license will be suspended automatically for six months. The same applies if you refuse to submit to a chemical test; however, this will result in a driver's license suspension of one year. The duration of driver's license revocation is directly influenced by the severity of the charge.

As stated under Driver License Revocation Periods for DUI-s. 322.271, F.S. and s. 322.28, F.S., the following applies:
  • First Conviction: Minimum 180 days revocation, maximum 1 year with the eligibility to apply for a hardship license upon completion of the DUI School.
  • Second Conviction Within 5 Years: Minimum 5-year license revocation. May qualify for hardship reinstatement after 1 year. Other 2nd offenders same as "A" above, except there is no eligibility to apply for a hardship license.
  • Third Conviction Within 10 Years of the Second Conviction: Minimum 10 years revocation. May qualify for a hardship reinstatement after two years.
  • Manslaughter: Mandatory permanent revocation. If no prior convictions associated with DUI, may qualify for hardship reinstatement after 5 years.

When under the thumb of life-changing DUI penalties, it's normal to feel pressured, but this doesn't mean that you need to put your freedom in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer. At Musca Law, our aggressive and dedicated DUI defense attorneys have spent years obtaining favorable outcomes in both administrative review hearings and criminal DUI trials. From the minute you call us to the moment we resolve your case, we take it upon ourselves to defend your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

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