How to Beat a DUI in Florida

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Discrediting the Evidence in a DUI Case

Beating a DUI requires a thorough understanding of the common approaches that the prosecution will take. In many cases, the prosecution will try to prove DUI through two approaches, or a combination of both of them. One approach involves proving that the driver was impaired due to their level of alcohol consumption and that his or her mental and physical condition were affected. The other approach focuses more closely on the blood-alcohol content of the driver.

DUI cases involve four basic kinds of evidence:

  • A Driver's Physical Appearance
  • Driving Pattern
  • Results of a Chemical Test
  • Results of a Field Sobriety Test

Because all of these types of evidence are subject to debate, beating a DUI case involves being able to effectively address each of these claims. For example, if the prosecutor claims that the driver was driving erratically, it could be shown that the driver was able to pull over promptly and safely with the use of his or her turn signal, indicating a lack of impairment.

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Our lawyers are well-versed in attacking the various evidences that may be revealed in a DUI case. Whether it's debating the accuracy of a blood sample or discrediting the presence of mental impairment, our Florida DUI attorneys can fight for the best outcome on your behalf.

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