Client Massage Therapist Charged with Sexual Battery, Facing 15 years of Prison

Found Not Guilty!

A massage therapist was accused of raping his client during a massage he performed on her. He was arrested after denying any sexual contact with the alleged victim but after his sperm was found from a vaginal swab taken from her. After the state offered plea deals ranging from8 to 12 years of prison, and with the client facing 15 years of prison if convicted, the client’s case was set for trial.

RESULT: The Defense prepared for trial by taking many depositions of crucial witnesses and from those depositions developed a strategy for defense of the case, based also upon the account of the client. At a multiple day trial, the defense argued consent by the alleged victim, despite the client’s initial denial of any sexual contact with her, and the defense was able to create enough reasonable doubt about the State’s case that a jury found the client Not Guilty of the charge of sexual battery as well as any lesser included offenses! Client went home a free and innocent man!

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