Defendant $15,000 in Arrears for Restitution Payments; Warrant Issued

Violation of Probation Warrant Dismissed and Probation Modified!

The Defendant served a probation sentence after being convicted of Felony Grand Theft, for more than $20,000, but less than $100,000. The Defendant stopped making restitution payments and was currently $15,223 in arrears. The Defendant’s Probation Officer requested a warrant for the Defendant’s arrest after she violated probation by failing to make the restitution payments in accordance with the terms of her probation.

RESULT: The Defense Attorney proved to the Court that the Client did stop making restitution payments by choice, but rather she was without the funds to do so. The Defense arranged a payment schedule with the Court that met the Client’s needs. The Court DISMISSED the Violation of Probation Warrant and MODIFIED the payment schedule and restitution sentence.

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