Domestic Violence Charge Involving Husband and Wife Completely Dismissed!

Case Dismissed!

Client was engaged in an argument with her husband while on the phone with her sister who resides out of state. Her sister had heard an object thrown up against the wall prior to the call being disconnected. At that point and out of concern the sister proceeded to call law enforcement. When the police arrived at the residence it was determined that our client through a clothes hanger at her husband. Our client was then arrested and charged with domestic violence and a no-contact order was set in place.

RESULT: Although the husband lacked the desire to prosecute, the State decided to prosecute regardless. We prepared a Motion to Lift the No Contact Order. We advised the State of our intent with the inclusion of contesting the charge against our client. After diligent negotiation, the State announced that it would no longer pursue the charges and dropped the case.

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