Driver Found With Open Bottle of Wine, Admits to Drinking

Driver’s License Reinstated; Suspension Lifted!

Nassau County, FL. Our client was arrested after a police officer called in a reckless driver that he was following. She was stopped, attempted to conceal an open bottle of wine, smelled of alcohol, began to cry and became confrontational. It was reported that she was unsteady on her feet, performed poorly on the Field Sobriety Exercises, and accused the cops of stealing two one-hundred dollar bills from her purse. While looking for her money, she pulled a coke straw out of her purse and insisted that the cops planted it there (resulting in an additional charge of possession of paraphernalia), admitted to drinking, ran a stop sign, drove on the strong side of the road, and refused a breath test.

RESULT: One of the witnesses subpoenaed for the Formal Administrative Hearing failed to appear and failed to provide good cause. Thus, the suspension was lifted. LICENSE REINSTATED!

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