Felon Serving Battery Probation Sentence Rearrested on Child Neglect Charges

Probation Granted & Child Neglect Charge Dismissed

A felon serving probation for a Battery conviction was rearrested on Child Neglect charges. The Defendant violated the terms of probation by not abiding by the laws with this recent arrest. The Judge initially denied bond and the Defendant awaited trial in jail. The Defendant retained Musca Law to challenge the charges against her.

RESULT: The Defense filed a Motion to Set Bond and scheduled a hearing on the matter. The Defense also filed a Motion to Reinstate Probation so the Client can obtain the professional help she desperately needed. The Defense proved the Client’s willingness to stay out of trouble with the law and requested mental health placement assistance from the Court. The Judge GRANTED both of the Defense’s Motions and released the Client back onto Probation. The State Attorney also DISMISSED the Child Neglect charge against the Client.

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