Intoxicated Patron Strikes Officer in Chest; Arrested for Battery on Law Enforcement Officer & Disorderly Intoxication

No Battery Conviction & Disorderly Intoxication: Charge Dismissed!

Authorities were called to a local hotel over the presence of an intoxicated and out of control patron. Officers escorted the suspect back to his room to sober up. The police attempted to calm the defendant in his hotel room when he swung on the officer hitting him in the chest. Officers arrested the suspect on charges of  battery on a law enforcement officer and  disorderly intoxication.

RESULT: The defense entered into negotiations with the State and the officer/victim would not agree to a reduction of the charges. The defense moved forward with preparing for trial and brought the client’s good record to light. The attorney succeeded with obtaining NO CONVICTION on the battery charges and the convinced the Court to DISMISS the disorderly intoxication charge.

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