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Being charged with a criminal offense is no light matter. A conviction can follow you the rest of your life, and the accusation alone can be a traumatizing experience. At Musca Law, our Key West criminal defense attorneys have been handling criminal cases for a combined 150+ years. Our goal is to maintain the rights and dignity of our clients in every case.

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Our firm has been ranked in the top 5% of Florida’s criminal lawyers. Newsweek has even named us Top DUI & Defense Lawyers. We earned these accolades as a result of our extensive examination into each client’s cases. Our commitment to effective representation has resulted in the frequent mitigation, and even dismissal, of charges. Our priority is building the best defense available for the client, which is why we are certified in breathalyzer operation and keep our phones open 24/7.

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Navigating a criminal charge requires a lot of finesse and foreknowledge. Even though the law is “innocent until proven guilty,” you should always remember that as a defendant, you will need to be ready to demonstrate to the court that the charges and evidence levied against you are not true. Our team knows how a client needs to present themselves in court—and has over a century and a half of combined experience crafting arguments against a variety of charges. We can advise you through this process and help you defend your future as you walk into court.

A conviction can carry with it heavy, life-altering consequences. Don’t risk your future. Reach out to a Key West criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect your name and reputation.

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