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New Port Richey Criminal Lawyers

The Florida legal system operates on a specialized vocabulary of legal terms, complex procedural and evidentiary rules, and sophisticated substantive law. It is imperative you seek proper legal counsel if you find yourself navigating this unfamiliar terrain. Your legal representation could determine whether you go to jail or go home. Fortunately, our experienced criminal defense attorneys in New Port Richey are available to find the best possible defense and have all receive extensive training in law school and possess extensive experience handling misdemeanor, felony, and serious traffic violations in state and federal court.

New Port Richey Criminal Defense Attorneys

Urgent: If you are approached by law enforcement about an interview or arrested for an alleged criminal offense, you should immediately assert your right not to talk to the law enforcement officer and your right to an attorney.  Many people wilt under the oppressive atmosphere of police officers with guns and the power of arrest forcefully asking questions. Any individual confronted by law enforcement should know that heeding these simple rules facilitates the most effective criminal defense. When you retain New Port Richey criminal defense attorneys, your lawyers can help you assert your legal rights in the face of nearly the entire scope of criminal accusations, including but not limited to the following:

Sex Crime Lawyers in New Port Richey

If you have been accused of a sex crime or even come under the cloud of an investigation, you already understand what a mere allegation can do to your reputation.  The level of scorn aimed at those accused of sex crimes can often make it feel like the presumption of innocence has been turned on its head. Our sex crime lawyers in New Port Richey do not judge those facing such allegations.  Rather, our job is to provide the most effective defense against charges of rape, sexual battery, sexual assault, child molestation, child pornography, prostitution/solicitation, pimping and pandering, lewd & lascivious conduct, and other sex offenses.

New Port Richey, FL Sex Offender Registration

Most people dealing with a misdemeanor or felony charge are most concerned about the prospect of imprisonment, but this might not be the biggest concern for accused sex offenders.  Even after a person has served time and otherwise fulfilled the terms of his or her sentence, the requirement to register as a “sex offender or “sex predator” can turn the challenge of rebuilding your life much more difficult.  While sex predator status is worse because it is permanent and applies to violent offenses, any inclusion on the registry can harm your interpersonal relationships, occupational opportunities, and housing choices.

New Port Richey Sex Crime Defense

While the consequences of conviction of a sex offense can be particularly harsh, there are defenses that can be used to protect your future, such as:
  • Exposure of False Accusations
  • Suppression of Confessions/Incriminating Statements
  • Exclusion of Evidence Obtained in Unreasonable Searches under the Fourth Amendment
  • Consensual Activity
  • Lack of Knowledge or Intent

New Port Richey DUI Lawyers

If you are convicted for driving under the influence (DUI), there is help available. As demonstrated from our case results, our firm is known for getting DUI cases to reduced sentence, or dropped completely. With over 150 years combined experience, our attorneys have mastered the knowledge of the Florida legal process and the diligence to find defenses on any DUI case, to ensure you have a chance at fair representation.

Driving Under the Influence in New Port Richey, FL Statute §316.193

A motorist can be arrested for DUI if he or she has a blood alcohol level of .08 and above or alcohol/drug impaired driving abilities – See Florida Statutes §316.193.  While many people consider agreeing to the first plea offer from the prosecutor, our New Port Richey DUI lawyers recognize there are many defense strategies that can be deployed to protect your driving privileges and avoid DUI penalties or a criminal record, such as:

Domestic Violence Lawyers in New Port Richey

Society has seen enormous changes in terms of the intense focus on domestic violence in recent years, but an increase in fabricated domestic violence allegations has been an unintended side effect.  Allegations of domestic violence can lead to a domestic violence injunction. This type of injunction requires you to vacate your home, forbids you from exercising parenting time with your children, and limits your career options by interfering with your ability to own or carry a concealed weapon or to obtain a security clearance.  See Florida Statutes §741.30.

New Port Richey Domestic Violence Attorneys – Over 150 Years Combined Experience

Under Florida domestic violence law, the prosecutor can charge this offense if certain underlying offenses are committed between individuals in specified relationships.  These offenses include assault, battery, false imprisonment, stalking and other offenses resulting in injury or death of the alleged victim. The punishment in domestic violence cases can be exceptionally harsh because the accused can be convicted of both the domestic violence charge and the underlying offense.  Experienced domestic violence lawyers in New Port Richey will assert effective defenses that might include the lack of credibility of the complaining witness, self-defense or defense of others, and other defenses based on the specific circumstances.

Criminal Attorney in New Port Richey

Remember, if you are arrested on a criminal charge, you may assert your right to speak to your attorney. Call our New Port Richey office today if you have been charged with a federal, violent, drug or dui crime. We are available 24/7 to assess your case. We will protect your rights and fight aggressively on your behalf. Call Musca Law when your life depends on it.


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