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The State of Florida has recently had a law passed which makes it illegal to have any sexual activity with animals. Florida Statute 828.126 is also widely known as the Bestiality law. It makes it a sex crime if you have any sexual contact with an animal of any kind. This sex crime law includes having sexual intercourse with the animal, or the stroking of the sex organs of the animal that is done for sexual pleasure of the perpetrator. Even the slightest sexual contact with an animal can lead to a charge of bestiality. You could also be charged with bestiality if you cause or help another person engage in sexual activity with an animal. However, you cannot be charged with bestiality, unless you knowingly engage in sexual activity with an animal. To protect yourself from these charges, it is imperative that you immediately contact a skilled Florida bestiality defense lawyer from Musca Law for legal help.

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Consequences and Penalties for the Act of Bestiality within the State of Florida

You are not permitted under the laws of the State of Florida to promote, organize or advertise sexual activity, which depicts an animal and a person engaging in sexual activity. If an animal dies as a direct or indirect result of having had sexual contact with a human being, that person will face additional sex crime charges. The penalties and consequences for bestiality are not quite as severe as the penalties of other illegal sex crimes, but they still have the ability to wreak havoc on your reputation and your life.

The penalties include the following:
  • Misdemeanor of the first degree
  • Prison term of up to 1 year
  • Offender pays a $1000 fine
  • Penalties increased for repeat offenders
  • Increased penalties and additional charges when the animal was killed during the act
  • Social stigmatization

Once a person is accused of bestiality, it is highly likely they will be ostracized by the community. They will experience alienation from their friends and family, and will have additional stress added to their lives. They may find that their reputations are damaged, or ruined completely. In some cases, the touching of an animal's reproductive organs is not considered a crime, but only when the context involves animal husbandry, veterinarian practices, breeding purposes, or conformation judging practices.

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No matter what sex crime you are charged with, it is vital that you have a defense attorney to represent you when you go to court. The very instant that you are suspected, arrested and subsequently charged, your Florida bestiality defense lawyer will work to defend you properly in every step of the case.

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