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If you are accused of a sex crime in the state of Florida, you may find yourself in for a fairly unpleasant surprise. This is because in Florida, sex crimes can and often will be charged as federal crimes. What does that mean if you are accused? It means that the FBI and federal marshals may work together to bring you down and close your case. If you are found guilty, you will face serious penalties with a minimum sentence of fifteen years in prison. At Musca Law, our defense attorneys are well-versed in the legal situation you will face if you are charged with a federal sex crime. We understand how to best communicate the situation in a way that is favorable to you in court and how to undermine the prosecution. With 150 years of combined experience, our firm is more than capable of handling a wide variety of federal sex crimes cases.

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Types of Federal Sex Crimes in Florida

If you are being accused of a sex crime in Florida, certain distinctions in your case may very well elevate it to the federal level. In the state of Florida, there are quite a few different types of sex crimes that can result in a serious federal sex crimes charge.


These types of sex crimes include:


  • The rape of a minor, an invalid, a disabled person or an adult
  • The sexual assault of a child or a minor
  • The solicitation of a minor for sex in person
  • The solicitation of a minor for sex over the internet
  • The kidnapping of a minor or a child for sex
  • Sex crimes conducted over the internet
  • The sexual exploitation of a child or a minor
  • The possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Repeat sex crime offenders
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual abuse to an adult, a disabled person or an elderly person

If you find yourself accused of any of the above crimes, you are in a truly serious legal situation. Long after your sentencing is up, you may find your life negatively impacted by the label of your sex crime.


Penalties for Federal Sex Crimes in the State of Florida

As a sex offender, you will have to register each year on your birthday in the sex offender database in Florida. Failure to do so could result in fifteen years of further prison time. Of course, being labeled as a sex offender also affects your ability to land a stable job, find housing in a decent area and make or maintain personal relationships in your life or in the community. You will be required to notify all potential employers of your status as a federal sex criminal, as well as all neighbors who happen to move to your area.



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